PHP & MySQL Web Development – Part 1

Web Design experts, Luke Welling аnԁ Laura Thomson discuss key concepts аnԁ techniques contained іn thier forthcoming 4th edition οf PHP & MYSQL Web Developm…
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25 Comments for “PHP & MySQL Web Development – Part 1”

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  2. Mark James

    Yip – she can sure talk quick.

  3. Mark James

    Fantastic interview :)

  4. Capoeira C

    3 years later I hope you stopped using “must of” and realize it’s really “must have”.

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    Gorgeous!!!Thanks for sharing…

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    Thanks for posting this video.

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  10. Whiz Kraft

    I like this interview.

  11. GamingJediPwns

    The bloke sitting next to her is thought STFU pretty much 100% of the time.

  12. MrStrontkut

    she’s on meth 

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  17. WebDevelopmentTuts

    nice! and part 2 is worht the watch, even if she does speak quite quick…

  18. fdsaf dsvdsavds

    They should enter books on how to diagnose a terrible attitude versus learning disabilities..

    That would be the cure for those who cannot learn simple things such as this.

  19. Manoj Singh

    Very nice…

  20. Steve Dale

    excellent point most of the enhancement books I have bought lately have been plagued with errors. They need to give the book to someone to proof the code examples.

  21. Osteele

    Read the total book. Spent most of my time correcting errors in code full with the book.

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  23. samiwistler

    Cool tutorial, thanks

  24. toasted311

    She would win a quick discussion competition but lose in a communication competition. I reckon the end is more vital.

  25. WalkingFearless

    Shut that slut up, seriously fucking shoot her!

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