Google I/O 2011: HTML5 versus Android: Apps or Web for Mobile Development?

Reto Meier, Michael Mahemoff Native apps οr mobile web? It’s οftеn a hard сhοісе whеn deciding whеrе tο invest уουr mobile enhancement resources. WhіƖе thе m…

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22 Comments for “Google I/O 2011: HTML5 versus Android: Apps or Web for Mobile Development?”

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  4. Pat Monardo

    2011…2012 would even be too out-of-date!

  5. digitalsketchguy

    This debate is already out-of-date. That’s technology for you! Two years ancient…wow!

  6. Rick Beacham

    Excellent point. How much energy is used to develop an app on one platform compared to another platform. If you look at Game Enhancement on consoles it can take significantly longer while a flash based one is much shorter. But is the end user experience that same? No. The console is usually better. But in the case with flash it can do the same thing but with less energy in enhancement. So it really depends on your target audience. Flash is fantastic solution but not for all users.

  7. Rick Beacham

    Yes i see what you are saying. Unity3d can provide a fantastic user experience but html5 is accessible to much more platforms and you can enter apps much simpler. Unity3d also has other technologies that compete with it such as Gamebryo and even openGL ES. The amount of energy developing for Unity apps for specific solutions is also higher. I really like Unity3d but i reckon a more compelling thought would be to intergrate html5 into unity game engine. YOu can request CGI programs in unity i reckon.

  8. Rick Beacham

    Does that browser have access to the phone and device data anyways?

  9. Rick Beacham

    I use some apps only through the browser since they don’t need access to my phones data. But i would very use the native apps. How can the acccess rights be restricted on a ‘as needed bases’ during of which we could accord access to the native app for each request. I wonder if there is a google maps api for c and C++?? Excellent presentation.

  10. Jesus Bejarano

    And remeber that “No programming foreign language is perfect” and “You need to pick the right tool for the job” i am sure that you heard those sentences from many qualified and fantastic developers. If you are agree with it then how can you want a world wit only a programming foreign language/tool there ? :) .

  11. Jesus Bejarano

    You and me are the same, we want to code in the foreign language that fit our wants and coding style,maybe you like the syntax and concepts c++, python or AS3 and you wouldn’t want to code in something else, and maybe i like javascript , php, or ruby and the same applay to me, that the beauty of having a plethora of things like programing languages (that we can choose from many what i like and make sence to me) you see?.Would you like a world were all or one single thing were a monopolio?..I won’t.

  12. Jesus Bejarano

    But did you not remember what programing foreign language are?. The technologies and it can also be applayed to what i say earlier (Do you realy want a world with a single technolgy) also remenber that there are something called “style” and people choose the foreign language base in which style they want to code that fit they peculiar criteria. There are functional languages OOP langauges , prototypical oriented foreign language( JS by example),etc.


    No man, I didn’t say there should be only one food to eat, only one thought in everybody’s mind, only taste etc. Those things should stay diverse logically…as a matter of fact the more diverse food the healthier one is.

    But when it comes to programming there is not a single benefit of having bunches and bunches of uncommon languages, and bunches of uncommon pipelines that use those languages in bunches of uncommon ways COMPLETELY UNNECESSARILY, making it just harder for all of us.

  14. Jesus Bejarano

    I care in this area the future too, and sometimes i aks myself questions like yours: Would the world solve its problem if there were only a unified institution(country or continent) ,if there were only one absolute concurrency , is all reckon the same, only one food to eat, only one game too play, only one dream to accomplish,A ONLY LANGUAGE,etc. It would be dull don’t you reckon? But more i care in this area is the now, and that is a higher scope subject and i would get too tired to talk in this area it.Cheers


    Recognizing perspective in something doesn’t make me childish, it just makes me someone who cares in this area the future.

    I don’t know why do you reckon of it as something as day dreaming or “sci fi” or such.

    It is real, it is absolutely possible, there is not a SINGLE THING that stops people from making something like that besides their disinclination to do so.

  16. Jesus Bejarano

    Emmmm.. ok i tought that we were discussion in this area something in this area flash and html5 , but CLEARLY you are tunred in something in some sci fi or anime would make, how ancient are again?.


    No its not apples and oranges. I’m discussion in this area a universal programming environment that will be applicable both to native and web programming.

    Both you and I know that at some point in future that must happen (if not I reckon that humanity is officially retarded). Back when all these powerful tools weren’t made, as soon as you would mention an thought of it, people would answer – “stop daydreaming and work with what you’ve got now”.

    Why doing the same now? Why underestimating the future?

  18. Jesus Bejarano

    Remenber, we are discussion in this area web enhancement, aren’t we? Don’t compare apples with orange, Unity 3d have it way in game enhancement as html5 in the web , flash have his nich in animation carttons and 2d/3d games. There are a tons of thought that you need to learn or experience before came to the conclusion in this area how thing should be done, remember that the only real programing foreign language in html5 is javascript and with it you can make a total game without any css and only one picture html element.


    I know all of that…but I argue that that’s a better way of doing things…there is no way that having to know tons of stuff (out of which many are organized terribly IMO) is simpler than having to know how to use only ONE tool or foreign language.

    Unity3D is a perfect example of that…I can’t imagine that someone thinks that HTML5 and all it includes is simpler than Unity3D, yet I bet Unity3D with its web player someday may be converted into the next huge thing.

  20. Jesus Bejarano

    The are not “unnecassary complications” more complicate would be is i have to define my markup, style and functionality in the same foreign language because , semantic markup(html) style(css) and the functionality (js) they are and have too uncommon concepts in the game that need to be separate in an way to make applications more mantainable (have you heard in this area “progressive enhancement”?), so you realy need to give physically a time to check how web enhancement work and how html5 fit in that game.


    Yes but my point is that all of that html css js and all of those unnecessary complications should be shrunk into one darn simple purely visual foreign language and make our lives simpler.

    The only people on earth who made a step in that direction are Unity3D team…it is only a game engine for now, but I stronly believe that it will be converted into a multipurpose programming environment in the future…I don’t know why people don’t recognize it more and invest in it more.

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